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Anonymous asked:

Ryan, I was led to you by Kyle Kelley. I'm leaving tomorrow for a little bike tour through Sequoia Ntnl Park and scraping a bit of Kings Canyon Ntnl Park. Wednesday, I'm dropping off a friend at Lodgepole for a backpacking trip and I'll head towards Cedar Grove for the night, via 198/13S09/180. Other than that, I just wanted to explore, ending in Lodgepole Saturday. Kyle mentioned I should climb up to Mineral King before I leave and eat some pie. Suggestions?


Awesome! That’s one of my favorite areas to ride. I would definitely recommend taking Kyle’s advice on Mineral King. It’s a tough climb on a rough road, but tough to beat the scenery (and pie!)

Mineral King:

Off the 198 there are a few cool side roads you can take. One of my favorites is Whitaker Forest (14S75 - Dirt). You could head down the 245 from pretty close to Grant Grove, and then climb Whitaker back up to the 198. It meets up directly across from the road to Hume Lake (13S09). Also at that intersection is 14S02 that takes you to Buck rock, and turns to dirt before re-connecting to the 198 via 13S04 and 14S11 a bit closer toward lodgepole.


"Panoramic Point Rd" near Grant Grove is also a cool little out-and-back road to check out as well.  Hope that helps!

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